Cultural Committee Guidelines

The World Telangana Convention 2018 is all set to happen on a Mega scale from June 29th to July 1st, 2018 at the George R Brown Convention center in Houston. The ATA-Telangana Convention Cultural Team cordially invites you to showcase your extraordinary talents on this prestigious world stage. Selected items will be scheduled on either June 30th or July 1st.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • All cultural program participants should be registered to attend the 2nd ATA-Telangana Convention.
  • All the items should reflect our Telugu culture and heritage and be in Telugu/Sanskrit language only.
  • Each performance must contain group of 5 or more performers except Mimicry and Instrumental
  • Performances must not exceed the specified time limits set for each category.
  • Any submission with less 6 years of age for any participant will NOT be accepted. (Unless proven the individual kid/performance deserves an exception)

Timelines for Cultural Entries

  • Dance Drama - Not more than 20 minutes
  • Dances- Not more than 10 minutes
  • Skits - Not more than 15 minutes
  • Drama - Not more than 25 minutes
  • Mimicry/Mime - Not more than 10 minutes
  • Instrumental/Acapella - Not more than 8 minutes
  • Special program - Not more than 10 minutes

Please register your item before the deadline April 30th 2018 by clicking this link. If you have a YouTube link of your actual performance, provide that for review. All the shortlisted performances will be notified by May 10th 2018. Cultural committee reserves the right to reduce the time based on the total registration and the theme of the program.

Please send your Audio MP3 files, preliminary videos, presentation slides, and details of Props (if needed), if you plan to project any backdrop for your performance by May 25th 2018. Performance time slot will be allocated by the Cultural Committee and are not negotiable.

Please make sure to have appropriate costumes for your performances.

Team must submit any special requirements for Cultural team to review. Cultural team will work hard with ATA-Telangana management team to support all reasonable requests. Final decision will be conveyed to participating teams with-in 10 days of the special request.

The ATA-Telangana cultural team will review your YouTube Link performances, finalize the list and inform the decision to all contact personnel of each entry. ATA-Telangana cultural team is at liberty to allocate more time to some special unique performances depending upon the situation. Cultural Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any entry at their discretion.

If you need further assistance in this process, please contact one of the team member or send an email to

ATA-Telangana Convention Cultural Chair: Sarada Akunuri - 281-235-4334
ATA-Telangana Convention Cultural Co Chairs: Prasad Kalva –979-240-9533, Madhavi Reddy 972-849-6845
Cultural Members: Srinivas Mettu –832-600-6789, Srinivas Gummadi- 832-792-4190, Chandra Nethi- 832-229-5036,
Sasi Lingineni- 216-262-2687, Karthik swamy - 770-378-7383

Disclaimer: ATA-Telangana Convention Cultural guidelines are subject to change, please check the website for the latest updates. ATA-Telangana USA and GRB Convention Center is not responsible or liable for any injuries occurred during the performance of participants on stage or in the premises during the convention.


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