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  • K.T.R
    K.T.R Hon'ble Minister for IT in Telangana
  • Swamy Goud
    Swamy Goud Mandal Chairman
  • S Madhusudhana Chary
    S Madhusudhana Chary Hon'ble 1st speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly
  • Padma Devender Reddy
    Padma Devender Reddy Deputy Speaker
  • Pocharam Srinivas
    Pocharam Srinivas Agriculture Minister
  • Allola Indrakaran Reddy
    Allola Indrakaran Reddy Minister in charge of law, housing and endowments
  • Etela Rajender
    Etela Rajender Hon'ble Minister of Finance in Telangana
  • Azmeera Chandulal
    Azmeera Chandulal Tourism and Tribal Welfare Minister of Telangana
  • Guntakandla Jagadish
    Guntakandla Jagadish Hon'ble Power and SC/ST development Minister of Telangana
  • Jithender Reddy
    Jithender Reddy Hon'ble Member of Parliament Telangana
  • D Vinay Bhaskar
    D Vinay Bhaskar Indian politician & Member of Legislative Assembly
  • B. Vinod Kumar
    B. Vinod Kumar Hon'ble Member of Parliament in Telangana
  • Bonthu Ram Mohan
    Bonthu Ram Mohan Hon'ble Mayor of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
  • Konda Murali
    Konda Murali Hon'ble MLC of Telangana
  • Errabelli Dayakar Rao
    Errabelli Dayakar Rao Hon'ble MLA of Telangana
  • S Venugopal Chary
    S Venugopal Chary Medical Practitioner & Politician
  • Konda Surekha
    Konda Surekha Hon'ble MLA of Telangana
  • N Uttam Kumar Reddy
    N Uttam Kumar Reddy Hon'ble Member of Telangana Legislative Assembly
  • M. Kodanda Reddy, Ex MLA
    M. Kodanda Reddy, Ex MLA Chairman, Kisan Congress
  • Batti Vikramarka
    Batti Vikramarka Hon'ble MLA of Telangana
  • D. K. Aruna
    D. K. Aruna Hon'ble Member of the Indian National Congress
  • Vamshi chand Reddy
    Vamshi chand Reddy Hon'ble MLA of Telangana
  • MRG Vinod Reddy
    MRG Vinod Reddy Hon'ble PCC General Secretary
  • Madhu Goud Yaskhi
    Madhu Goud Yaskhi Hon'ble Member of the Indian National Congress
  • K. Laxman
    K. Laxman Hon'ble President of BJP in Telangana
  • G. Kishan Reddy
    G. Kishan Reddy Hon'ble MLA of Telangana
  • C. Ramchandra Reddy
    C. Ramchandra Reddy Hon'ble MLA of BJP in Telangana
  • Krishna Sagar Rao
    Krishna Sagar Rao BJP Spokesperson
  • Raghunandan Rao
    Raghunandan Rao Hon'ble Indian politician from Telangana state


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